Drug Testing Companies Don’t Want Marijuana to be Legal, Here’s Why.

Drug testing Companies haven’t been around forever, and they probably would be around if marijuana was legal. Ever since Ronald Reagan required all federal workers to start submitting to drug tests i the 1980’s, many other agencies started to follow this pattern, eventually leading up to 15 states requiring drug tests for state workers, all kinds of unions and employers, and even extracurricular activities for children. Drug tests are everywhere, and the companies providing them are racking in every penny.drug testing companies

Money Talks

The average drug test costs about $42 dollars to perform- that’s pretty spendy when you look at how many people actually fail it. Less than 5 percent of test takers- according to ATTN.com, actually fail a drug test with some kind of substance. It financially doesn’t even make sense to pay for everybody in a workplace to take a drug test, and it especially wouldn’t be cost efficient if marijuana was legal, let’s take a look, shall we?

If marijuana became legal, that would mean most companies would eventually allow marijuana smokers to enjoy their buds freely (probably after work), which in turn would mean they don’t need drug tests to look for marijuana. That being said, the failure rate with any other drug besides marijuana is microscopic- less than 2% ever come out with any hard substances. So what would be the point in taking drug tests at all? This is where it gets interesting.

The Drug Testing industry is a 4 Billion- soon to be 6 Billion dollar industry, and statistically most of the drug tests end up finding only marijuana. If marijuana is no longer needed to be found, the value of a drug test will decrease rapidly, and less and less organizations will be purchasing them. That means it’ll be even harder for the drug testing companies to make a profit, and in the long run stay in business.

Drug testing isn’t the only industry that would suffer from the legalization either- timber, law enforcement, private prisons, and even pharmaceutical companies would lose out big time over the revolution. The fact remains that with marijuana in every day life, we can accomplish much- in medicine, food, clothing, and so much more!

What Can We Do?

The more we introduce marijuana and the good it can provide to the world, we will start to see and even bigger trend in push for legalization in places where it’s been moving slower. Hopefully the drug testing companies look for new ways to profit, instead of relying on pot smokers, because it’s only hold back from us entering the future, and eventually they would be out of business anyways.

Do you think Drug testing companies will still exist when marijuana is federally legal? Why or why not?


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Santa Catalina Island Might Open it’s First Marijuana Dispensary


Santa Catalina is a off shore island outside of Los Angeles, and it’s possibly about to have it’s first marijuana dispensary open up in the near future. Santa Catalina is part of Los Angeles County, but a lot of people don’t know about it. To tourists, it’s known as a sweet spot getaway to relax and enjoy the beach.avalon hermosa hotel

Mark Malan is the owner of Hermosa Hotel in Avalon, a small resort town in Santa Catalina with only about 4000 residents. He wants to be the first person to open up medical marijuana dispensaries in Avalon. “It’s going to create wheelbarrows of money” Milan told The Los Angeles Times on Monday. So much money that he thinks it will do good things for the community.

He has enough signatures on a petition he ran to allow 2 medical dispensaries within the city limits. His initiative, called The Avalon Medical Cannabis Facility Act would impose an annual license tax of $10,000 for school funding- at least 50% to a small town school with less than 800 students enrolled.

Malan’s initiative also says to impose a 12% tax on all medical transactions, which would then be split up for 3 different reasons- drug and alcohol abuse for students, public funding for the city of Avalon, and city parks and recreation.

Of course, there are many critics trying to say that it will make marijuana more accessible to children, even though it would be only allowed to patients with a doctors prescription, on top of that, Malan’s bill state that dispensaries would have to stay at least 1000 feet away from any schools. To people who opposes his initiaive, he tells them “Why do you hate kids?” I think he’s got a good point.

He has plans already to open up 2 locations, one in the same building of his retail office, and one next to a huge Catalina Island Museum. Apparently people tell him he just wants to attract the tourists going to the museum, in which he replies, “They’re right!”

The city of Avalon will decide next week if Malan’s initiative will make the ballot, where it will need 2/3 vote to pass. A majority was ruled by the city council with the 2 people disagreeing saying it will make marijuana easier for kids to get a hold of. The others who approved thought it would be a great idea to fund the schools.

The last issue Malan faces is whether or not the 2000 registered voters in Avalon will go along with his plan, they aren’t the easiest to liberal laws. I think he stands a good chance. Election could either be held in June, november, or not up for voting until the next cycle in 2018.

What do you think about medical marijuana dispensaries being in Santa Catalina? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Matt TheDopestMatrix

Owner of passthejoint.me


Legal Weed Has Not Influenced Teen Marijuana Abuse, it’s Done Exactly the Opposite


One of the major arguments against legalizing marijuana was teen marijuana abuse would rise, but statistics seem to show exactly the opposite. Since 2002, over 13 states have permitted the use of medicinal marijuana in some fashion, and now 5 states have legalized recreational use- including Colorado, Washington D.C., Washington State, Oregon, and Alaska.

The Argument makes sense of course- if marijuana is more openly available, wouldn’t teens have easier access to it? It does seem to be a pretty valid case. But what if legalization and normalization of the plant is exactly what drives the conversation about it at an earlier age? Children these days will look at marijuana with more facts and information to better influence their decisions. In prior years, we were just told “it’s bad” with no real reasoning- of course we’d want to try it!

teen marijuana abuse

Just check out the graph to the right, powered by The Washington Post– ever since marijuana started being legalized in 2012, there’s been a slow but sure decrease in marijuana usage among 12th graders. Alcohol use has decreased among teens a little too, although not so much. Cigarette use has dramatically changed, according to this chart, since the 90’s.


Problems With Pot

The amount of teens with marijuana problems- that are either being addicted to marijuana, have school issues, or other issues due to marijuana, has decreased as well. I predict when the numbers are updated by the end of 2016, we will see and even sharper trend of both problems and usage declining among teenagers.

teen marijuana abuse Does marijuana severely effect schoolwork?

absolutely. Of course, a lot of this depends on the student and his/her’s capacity to want to learn. If they straight up have no interest in performing well in school, chances are they will fail miserable being a pot head. If it’s a child with high ambitions and a drive to succeed, it might not affect them so much.

Some of the common disadvantages students face when smoking marijuana daily include things like:

  • Difficulty concentrating– being high all the time can make it impossible to pay attention in class and staying organized.
  • Addiction– although marijuana is a non addictive substance by nature, children can learn to be dependent very easily when the brain is still developing. Again, its ignorant to believe this happens to everybody as we see kids smoking weed at a young age all the time and quitting later in their teens/ twenties.
  • Money Issues– I remember being young and spending a majority of my money on marijuana, when it could have been used for so many more important things. Without a sense of direction, a kid could be more prone to indulging with any money he or she earns.

Now although I am a huge advocate for marijuana, it’s extremely selfish to believe its perfectly okay for everyone, because for some- it just isn’t. I don’t believe that some of the mainstream issues we hear like kids getting into criminal activity or hard drugs are necessarily true, because kids now than ever care about what they put in their body- which is obvious by the cigarette statistic above, and criminals will commit crimes if they want to commit crimes. Smoking marijuana isn’t really viewed as criminal anymore on a social level, so it’s hard to put two and two together.

What Does the Future Hold?

The Future looks pretty bright for both children and the legalization of marijuana. As we become more and more accepting to the idea of marijuana being available in America (and around the world), the discussion is starting to open up more and more among parents and teens- establishing an educated relationship between the child and marijuana before they ever decide to use it. If this continues- we can expect to see more children making informed decisions on whether or not they want to use marijuana or not.

To Become a Professional Musician, You Must Think Like a Businessman

Of course, everybody has their own theory on what it takes to become a professional musician- but the reality is, most of these people don’t really know anything about it, they’ve never lived the life of a true musician.

become proffesional musician They’ll say things like: “The money don’t matter… The views don’t matter, only the love for music,” or “Just keep doing you, things will work out eventually.”

“Most artists will say anything to excuse the fact they’re going nowhere with their career.” -TheDopestMatrix

If you want to truly have a successful career in the music industry, or any industry at all- you’re going to need to work incredibly hard for it- I’m talking 100 hour weeks with no lunch break, no friend time, no football games. Can’t deal with it? This industry isn’t for you.

The reason only so few people shine at the top is because there are only so few people with this kind of mentality. Us (musicians) are looked up to by thousands of people, if we show ANY signs of laziness or poor judgement, it can have a huge negative effect on the public. And as leaders of the people, we must set the best example possible of what the perfect person should be like.

This is why I say it’s essential to think and act like a businessman if you’re wanting to be a professional musician- because everybody is watching, and is expecting you to be great!

You must stay in total control.

3 Main Focus Points:

To be on top of your game every day, you must execute yourself daily to think about certain things that will help you be more successful and achieve more. The first order of business is planning, and figuring out a system you can use on a daily basis, like making a new song every day, or releasing one every week- to reach a very specific goal. If your goals aren’t clear as day, you’ll have a hard time achieving them.

Once you’ve built a little foundation for your music business, then it would be time to start focusing on these 3 things below in order to be more professional with your music business.

Time Management– This is one of the biggest reasons people fail, is simply because they don’t manage they’re time well. You can’t be just laying around smoking pot all day watching Netflix, hoping you’ll one day wake up to a check in your account. You MUST schedule your day. Think it’s too much? Guess again, because you’ve already proved that you can’t handle time on your own- and you want to be successful right?

Cash flow– I don’t care what ANYONE tells you. It is extremely important that you create a cash flow, and keep building on it until you either reach your desired goal. The fact is every time you make an excuse for not having the money you desire, you can be out there getting it. You are the executive of your music business- you must make sure you are keeping the desired cash flow moving through- because it all depends on you.

Leadership– Like I said, everything depends on you. As you grow in the music industry, you will find yourself needing to employ other people to get more tasks done. If you can’t live up to #2 and keep the cash flowing, then you won’t be able to pay your hard working employees, which will ruin your music business. That is part of the leader’s position- get the money. A musician with no cash flow is not a professional.

Also, to truly be a profession musician, you have got to be real about who you are, and always be transparent in everything you do. If you are really sticking you your own personal morals, then it’s almost impossible to ever be caught up doing something wrong- because you’re doing everything right! This is essential to being a great leader, because people follow what you do, not say- just like kids!

Of course no one wants to hear that they have to do more, that’s why most musicians fail. If I really didn’t want to be a better artists, All I’d do is spark blunts all day long- but I know I’m better than that, and I know what I’m capable of, so as long as I keep that in mind, it motivates me to keep going and do better things with myself. You can do this with yourself too, just remember why you wanted to be a musician in the first place.

Questions? Leave them in the comments section below.


Matt TheDopestMatrix

Kanye West Says He Might Have Sex With Taylor Swift in New Song “Famous”

Kanye West and Taylor Swift are at it again, except this time, Kanye talks about possibly having sex with her, because he apparently “made her famous” according to his new song, “Famous”.

On Thursday night, Kanye streamed a preview of his new album, The Life of Pablo, at his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, and in his song “Famous,” he says these particular lyrics aiming at Taylor Swift: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”kanye west taylor swift

He was obviously talking about the time at the 2009 MTV VMA’s when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s award. It was such a big deal, apparently even Barack Obama called him a “jackass” in front of a live audience.

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” -Kanye West, Famous


Another part to this story you’ll want to know: Swift’s manager said in a statement that Kanye actually asked Taylor to share “Famous” on her Twitter account. She declined and warned him not to use any ‘misogynistic’ messages.”

Swift apparently had no idea about the lyrics about her in the song. But it’s pretty funny that she already had a feeling about it.

Swift’s brother even posted an instagram video after the event showing him throwing away shoes from the Yeezy collection, captioned “Getting a head start to spring cleaning, here we go again.”

Getting a head start on some spring cleaning. Here we go again.

A video posted by Austin Swift (@austinkingsleyswift) on


What do you think of the lyrics? Do you think Yeezy was out of line? Let us know in the Comments below!



Let’s Appreciate Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance Instead of Talk Trash About it

First off, let’s face it- Beyonce’s super bowl halftime show performance was off the walls- it was amazing! On top of that, she played with Bruno Mars and Colplay! So why is everyone hating?beyonce superbowl halftime show performance

The Black Panthers

One of the biggest controversies right now is the fact that Beyonce and the dance crew were dressed up looking like members of the Black Panther group from back in the ’60’s. The entire premise of the Black Panthers was to protect and serve the black community, and it was shut down by the U.S. government.

Why is it such a big deal that Bey was promoting the Black Panthers? Knowing she’s part of the African- American community, you would only think she would help out her own people! That’s what others do when a religion is being attacked, or a nation- they stand up! She’s even doing it peacefully!

Malcom X

Another really cool attribute to Beyonce’s halftime performance was when her and the dance crew created the formation of an X, and apparently it was a tribute to Malcom X, a historical advocate for rights for the black community. Whether it was or not, I thought it was pretty cool. There’s no reason for shaming.

If you haven’t seen Beyonce’s halftime performance yet, check it out below!


Overall Beyonce’s performance was fantastic, and it’s time people stop going nuts over it. In fact- go nuts over it’s beauty. Her messages were clear- police most definitely should stop targeting black people- because they are! The statistics are clear, and anyone can search it up on the internet. And I think the halftime show was the perfect opportunity to pounce on that subject.

What do you think of the performance? Leave your comments below!


Ghostface Killah Responds to Martin Shkreli’s Bad Mouth

If you haven’t heard all the buzz between Martin Shkreli and Ghostface Killah, it’s basically really, really stupid.Martin Skhreli

Ghostface Killah said a few things regarding Shkreli’s business practices which provoked Martin Shkreli, a big time pharmaceutical CEO, to make a video attacking Killah, saying that he will destroy his copy of the Wu Tang Album album he bought for 2 million dollars. If that isn’t any more confusing, watch the video below to get caught up:



But now the drama is worse…


Only earlier today, Ghostface Killah released a video on Facebook and Youtube that was absolutely brilliant, but also a little flawed.

Of course, one could only expect a few shots at Shkreli, like the phtoshopped picture of peewee herman with Shkreli’s face in it instead. But one thing that stood out to me is the fact that Ghostface Killah continued to emphasis on the fact Shkreli bumped up the price on his company’s pill, Dapramin. The fact is, people pay a co pay or nothing at all through insurance, and this price hike doesn’t affect any of them, only insurance companies and big corperate pharmacies like Walmart and Target. Shkreli then uses 60% of his company’s earnings to go back out and do more pharma research. Other companies in the same field barely use 20%.

Watch Ghostface Killah’s video below:



Im really curious to see where things end up. The point of this whole situation, I couldn’t tell you. But it’s for sure a great story.


What do you think about all the beef? Let me know in the comments section below!

Chapters Alumni Needs to Better Understand the Portland Hip Hop Scene

Chapter’s Alumni definitely deserves credit due to the fact they’ve done a fantastic job at bringing more out-of-town and major acts into Portland, including artists like Curren$y, Tyga, and more. And from what I’ve heard, the shows usually turn out pretty well too!Chapters alumni

Now what people might not know, is I once sat in a pizza joint with these guys discussing who to bring next, and other fun business stuff. I was really excited because I was going to start selling tickets for my favorite artists! Ibeth, the owner of the company, was really sweet and showed me what they’re up to, and it inspired me to go even harder, and do bigger and better things than I was at the time (I was working at a PacSun at the mall).


But one thing that kept being brought up over and over again in this meeting was the fact that Portland has a low attendance rate at a lot of great shows, and most of the local openers do a terrible job at hustling tickets. This concern grew on me and made me realize as an artist I have to be the one selling all the tickets, and I have to be the one bringing the hip hop culture back together.

Soon after I built up a huge following, venues all over the country were open to book me, even if I hadn’t ever been to their city, just because they’ve heard of my motivation, work ethics, and my overall aim for excellence from a few other bar owners locally, it was great. My secret is that I create a team of openers that are dedicated to the same intensity of hustling as I am, and we all work together to push out the numbers!

The Face of Portland

Over and over again, We (TheDopestMatrix & team) continue to grow and create huge events for Portland’s hip hop community, and continue to outsell events almost every time, even when major acts come into town!

We’ve realized a really big asset to our success is getting down to the nitty gritty and really get involved with the hip hop community. Only when you have done your own research can you find quality artists to help make a fantastic show, and I think that’s what Chapters Alumni needs to do in order to keep their brand alive, as I have too much love for them to see them go.


tyga portland

Just look at the Tyga show flyer, there are 3 openers that are literally nonexistent to the Portland hip hop world, think about how much better the show would be if you had bigger artists like myself, Aviel Ben Yamin, or Karess?

One day we will have to stop hosting our own shows, and outsource them to a company that is as dedicated to the hip hop community as we are, that’s why we want Chapters Alumni to recognize what they need to fix now, before another company comes along takes the market over again, like what happens inevitably ever few years for this exact reason alone.

I hope they read this.

If you’d like to check out Chapters Alumni’s website, or find out about upcoming events in the Portland area, click here.



Your Physical and Mental Health is Directly Related to Your Success

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, as well as a lot of experimenting on myself, to figure out the correlation between physical health and success, as well as mental heath.

 The studies out there are massive, with millions of articles out there, especially when it comes to the physical- like working out, eating right, and being fit. but when it comes to the mental side of things, there is a lot of stuff people will tell you. What I’ve found and researched works for m, and hopefully it’ll help you too.

Mental Health

Did you know that the average millionaire reads up to 60 non- fiction books a year? That’s basically a book a week! Have you ever really stopped and think how much you would actually learn if you read that much?

Reading only an hour a day will enhance your ability to open your mind to greater ideas, because reading and learning is a lot like working out for your body. You’re working out your brain for the sake of making it stronger and being able to do more with it.

In No Excuses, a book by Brian Tracy, he talks about how reading opens your brain to be able to do more with it, but as well as give you more energy. A lot of times we experience a grey, “fuzzy” area in the brain which causes us to slack off and procrastinate, working it out prevents that.

Physical Health

We’ve all heard it before, and I’m not health professor or anything- but it’s pretty much a solid fact eating healthy give you more energy, and overall makes you feel better.

The best part is, you start to build your metabolism and feel more empowered with yourself. If you get used to eating more vegetables, and little less bread and red meat, you will start to feel better and find yourself working more hours, WANTING to work more, because it makes you feel good- and overall more successful.

Here’s an article from Men’s Fitness on foods that are great for boosting your energy!

Exercising and staying active is going to be what makes or breaks you in life, even if somehow you can convince yourself it’s not. Your body was not created to rest for too long, you’re not a sloth. In fact, religious texts like the Bible call it a sin to act too lazy. It makes you slower, plus sets a horrible example on others… you’re here to make the world better right?



When you get yourself into a routine, or create a habit, doing some kind of mental exercise every day like reading a book, or solving a puzzle, it almost becomes part of you to do it- it takes 21 days to create a habit.

Same with physical exercise and eating right; It’s essential to your success to create these good habits. Not only is it good for your overall health, but learning how to successfully create good habits (ad destroy bad ones), it becomes easier and easier to do it! Success at work is all about your overall success in life. So get started TODAY!




STREAM NOW: TheDopestMatrix releases Young Takeover 1.5 same day as Future’s EVOL

Young Takeover 1.5, the next in line in TheDopestMatrix’s infamous series, was leaked a day early on Soundcloud for people to listen to, as well as it became available in stores like Google Play and iTunes today, same day as Future’s EVOL release.Future EVOL TheDopestMatrix

The premise behind the Young Takeover series is the fact that in today’s day and age, it takes an over achiever to win over and change society for the good, and the music was created to promote that.

Of course, TheDopestMatrix never fails to mention for his love for marijuana, as well as success and money on top of that. TDM loves to motivate others and be a positive influence on others.

If you like trap music, and if you like bay area music, you’ll definitely like TheDopestMatrix and his unique sound from Portland.

Stream Young Takeover 1.5:

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